Furniture cleaning

service5Dry cleaning of furniture- cleaning of chairs, sofas, armchairs and other furniture with special chemicals.

Furniture that is dirty, worn and contamination can be renewed by dry cleaning. It should be done by a professional, as if not properly conducted dry cleaning can ruin the upholstery.

There are 2 stages

1. The most contaminated spots of the upholstery are treated with special chemicals that break down dirt.

2. A special cleaning that removes the remnants of chemicals and dirt from upholstery.

Our company conducts the following types of furniture cleaning:

  • Surface cleaning – an economical solution for cleaning of carpets and furniture. On the surface of special foam, crystallizing and dissolving dirt. Then made vacuum cleaning products.

  • Deep (wet) cleaning – the most effective method of cleaning carpets and furniture.

1. Remove dry particles of dust, dirt.

2. Removal of stains based on their chemical composition (without damaging the texture and color of the fabric)

3. Cleaning anti-Allergy shampoo

4. Removal of residual cleaning chemicals.

Many years of experience in provision of cleaning services and individual approach to each client allows us to produce work in the shortest possible time. We always consider the surface area to be cleaned, level of contamination, the number of available staff and other factors. Thus, the volume and quality of work always meets Your expectations and needs.

Our huge advantage is the use of professional tools and safe chemicals. This ensures that none of the interior will not be damaged. All cleaning work is produced by experienced craftsmen, and our company guarantees the quality of work performed.