Floor Cleaning

Everyday floors are exposed to dust, dirt and moisture. Over time, even daily wet cleaning is not enough, floors covered with dirt, appear worn in areas.

Especially true in places with high traffic areas.

We perform the following types of floor cleaning:

Manual cleaning is used on low soiled floors;

Mechanical cleaning on heavily soiled floors.

In both cases, we only use safe and effective detergents and cleaning products and equipment.

Floor types:

  • Wooden

  • Tile

  • Carpeted

No matter what coating you have we only use safe and suitable cleaning solutions.

Deep cleaning and washing of floors:

  • Initially the floor is covered with a special chemical solution

  • The use of rotary floor machine

  • The old solution is removed with the help of vacuum cleaner

  • professional tools will remove the remains of mortar from the flooring

  • In the end, is washing the floor with clean fluid

After deep cleaning floor, at the customer's request, we carry out the application of protective polymer coating. This will help further protect your flooring from all sorts of external influences.

You need a clean floor is contact our cleaning company!